Our Portfolio of Services

We would like to Collaborate to Build, to Expand and to Accelerate Business offering, ....

Add Value
in Key Business Processes / Areas of our expertise:
  • Business Development
  • GRC & QA Fulfilment
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business & Market Intelligence
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Procurement & Demand Planning
  • Change Management
  • Facility Services

That means the following Portfolio of Services:

1. Business Development (Launching, Positioning, Expanding, Patterns, Fishing Ideas).
2. GRC & QA Fulfilment (Trade Policies and Certifications Analysis, Regulatory Affairs Workflow, Intellectual Property)
3. Sales & Marketing (Sales Processes and Channels  Analysis, Networks of Agents, Presales, KAM´s, BD´s, Engineers).
4. Business & Market Intelligence (Application of BI, BPM, Predictive Modeling to obtain Markets Intelligence)
5. Logistics & Distribution (Demand Planning, Supply and Distribution Channels Optimization, SCM, e-logistics,...)
6. Procurement & Demand Planning (Fixed and Variable Cost Reductions, Negotiations with Centrals of Procurement)
7. Change Management (Business Processes Management, Cross Border Projects, Technology & Knowledge Transfer)
8. Facility Services  (Prime Contact and Liaison services, Business and Investments Analytical Supporter)

Since long time,
companies are competing SCM vs SCM (although their products are going together using the same logistic operator or the same marketing channels). Then, we believe that for to be able to start-up, to grow-up and to stay in new markets, it's quite important to draw / to map the complete star model between each involved entity and the interdependent business process flow, and so to discover the positioning patterns, pain points, fishing ideas, technical-functional-business feedback / approach views,... that are going to help the re-engineering, the launching, the Quality Assurance, the SLA´s, the Positioning, the Expanding, the Trading, ...

We are able to do that, thanks to know how to apply -from the beginning-  the main principals of continuous processes improvement and   continuous analytical patterns discovering. We are specialists on methods / models, tools like - Volere, SPANCO, SMDP, Six Sigma, SIPOC Analysis, Star / Fishbone Analysis, Prince2, ... 

We could be then, extensors, accelerators of your Business Processes giving you our deliverable, abilities and know-how for collaborate to the mapping of the best entities involved, and in definitive, to make better Trading, Launching, Positioning, Follow-up, Selling, Buying, Investing ,.... -in these market difficulties.

We could collaborate globally thanks to our core-Team and to activating our Networks of Collaborators locally based on:

  • AMERICAS - USA -  Canada & LATAM (Mexico -NAFTA, EU-Mexico- and Central America -CAFTA, SICA-,and South America Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, / -UNASUR, EU-MERCOSUR, CAN-), ...
  • EUROPE (EU, DACH, UK, Nordic, Benelux, Central-East and Southern Europe, Iberian Peninsula, Euro-Mediterranean,...)
  • ASIA (East Asia -China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan-, South Asia - India, Singapore,...)
  • OCEANIA (Australia, New Zealand, …), among others.