PORTUSLAND Business Development and Trade   /   PORTUSLAND BD&T

Products, services and solutions reach the Business (Biz) Market (Land) through the Portus (Lat. for <Ports>).

For instance, a Portus has Foreland (markets with which a Portus is connected through marine lines)
and Hinterland
(territory of inner influence, or economic impact, of a Portus).

Inspired by that, and by our -essentials as well-, PORTUSLAND Business Development and Trade /  PORTUSLAND BD&T was founded focus on the LAND especially when Technologies, Quality Standards, Trade Policies, Certifications,  Regulatory Affairs, GRC,... Internationally have to be fulfilled!! and then; to give better and better,... 
products, services
and solutions to our societies.

Any Fishbone / Ishikawa diagram of the evident saturation of some products/services categories into specific portions of our affected Natural LAND and forever competitive Business LAND has many bones and paradigms to solve.

Some of them, were our points to begin; since we noticed the increasing levels of Regulatory Affairs, Certifications, Quality Assurance,... therefore, the Business Development, Trade, Sales, Procurement, Demand Planning, Distribution and Logistics, Cost Reductions became more and more complex, with new challenging situations:
  • How to do effective Market Entry and Positioning
  • How to enable Technology and Innovative Solutions to the Markets
  • How to really improve Figures applying smart methods to get consistent Business Development
  • How to obtain valuable Business Intelligence and Market Intelligence in the Sales, Supply and Distribution Channels
 Then,  it´s so important to understand first,  before to try to directly solve.